The Storm After the Storm: China's WTO Accession and the US-China Trade Relationship

41st Strategy for Peace Conference
October 26-28, 2000, Warrenton, Virginia

Conference Description

The Chinese government has committed to a set of painful domestic economic reforms, most notably in the state-owned enterprise and banking sectors. At the same time, the country is bracing itself for the expansive set of market-opening measures necessitated by its accession to the World Trade Organization. What are the challenges and opportunities presented by these reforms for the Chinese government? What is the likely impact of recent US efforts to leverage its trade and investment relations with China to advance a broader set of Chinese reforms in human rights, arms control, and the rule of law? What other measures, if any, might US policymakers adopt to enhance the current state of Sino-American relations? In this roundtable, we will work to answer these questions and to define a set of policy recommendations for the US government.