Uncertain China: Dealing With a Potential Great Power

41st Strategy for Peace Conference
October 26-28, 2000, Warrenton, Virginia


Bates Gill, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, and Director, Northeast Asian Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution

James Reilly, Research Assistant, Foreign Policy Studies, The BrookingsInstitution

Invitation List
Eric H. Arnett, Physical Scientist, Bureau of Arms Control, US Department of State

Elaine Bunn, Pentagon Fellow, RAND

Roger Cliff, Associate Political Scientist, RAND

M. Taylor Fravel, Research Fellow, Asia and Pacific Research Center, and Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science, Stanford University

Carol Giacomo, Correspondent—US State Department, Reuters News Service

Sherry Gray, Program Officer, The Stanley Foundation

Robert Gromoll, Director, Office of Strategic Transition, US Department of State

Paul Thomas Haenle, Major, US Army; Graduate Student, Faculty of Arts and Science, Harvard University

Chris S. Hegadorn, Political Military Officer, China Desk, US Department of State

Frank S. Jannuzi, East Asia Specialist, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Evan S. Medeiros, Senior Research Associate, East Asia Program, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Robert S. Ross, Professor of Political Science, Boston College

Andrew C. Scobell, Associate Research Professor, Strategic Studies Institute, United States Army War College

Albert S. Willner, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, US Military Academy

Stanley Foundation Staff
Lonnie Buchanan, Program Assistant
James Henderson, Program Officer
Michael Kraig, Program Officer
Jeffrey G. Martin, Vice President and Director of Programs
Kristin McHugh, Producer, Common Ground
Susan R. Moore, Conference Management Associate
Hélène Papper, Associate Producer, Common Ground
Richard H. Stanley, President