New Generation, New Voices: Debating China's International Future

August 13-14, 1999
San Francisco, California


Friday, August 13

Session I — China: Rising Threat or Responsible Great Power?
Chair: Sherry Gray

Panel 1: Bates Gill will discuss Xia Liping's "China: A Responsible Great Power"

Panel 2: Ted Osius will discuss Yan Xuetong's "The Rise of China in Chinese Eyes"

Saturday, August 14

Session II — International Relations in China Today: The Quest for Theory and Worldview
Chair: Deng Yong

Panel 1: Harry Harding will discuss Zhu Wenli's "International Political Economy From a Chinese Angle"

Panel 2: Jane Wales will discuss Wang Zhengyi's "Marxism vs. Liberalism: Recent Advances and Future Directions"

Panel 3: William Callahan will discuss Song Xinning's "International Relations Theory-Building in China"

Session III — China's Contemporary Foreign Policy and Security Strategy
Chair: Sherry Gray

Panel 1: Russ Howard will discuss Wu Baiyi's "The Chinese Security Strategy and Its Historical Evolution"

Panel 2: Bonnie Glaser will discuss Wu Xinbo's "Four Contradictions: Constraining China's Foreign Policy Behavior"

Sunday, August 15

Session IV — New Imperialist? China Views the United States
Chair: DENG Yong

Panel 1: Frank Jannuzi will discuss Jin Canrong's "The US Global Strategy in the Post-Cold War Era and Its Implications for Sino-US Relations: The Chinese Perspective"

Panel 2: Tom Fingar will discuss Jia Qingguo's "Frustrations and Hopes: Chinese Perceptions of the Engagement Policy Debate in the United States"