Meeting on Cultural Dialogue in Tokyo

November 18-20, 1999
Hotel Yokohama Kaiyoh-tei
Yokohama, Japan

Sponsored by
Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA),
Tokyo, Japan,
The Stanley Foundation,
Muscatine, Iowa, USA

Conference Description

This conference will bring together a small, diverse, and highly select group of scholars and others from Iran, Japan, the United States, and a few other countries for a free exchange of views focusing on historical and modern civilizations. The conference will be for participants only (except for several invited observers from the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and our discussions will be informal and off the record. Each participant attends as an individual rather than in an official or representative capacity. The working language of the conference will be English.

The JIIA is a private, nonprofit, and independent research organization that was founded in 1959 through the initiative of former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida to deepen Japan's knowledge of international relations in order to prosper harmoniously in the international community.