US Relations with North Korea: Prospects for Engagement

Thirty-Ninth Strategy for Peace Conference
October 29-31, 1998
Airlie Center
Warrenton, Virginia

Conference Description

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together a group of Americans interested in US policy toward North Korea, but who hold different perspectives, and to advance the policy process through dialogue. We will analyze developments in the US-North Korean relationship, including political relations. We also intend to broaden discussions of the areas of potential dialogue and contact with North Korea. These could include enhanced contact through Chinese, Vietnamese, or other Asian institutions; prospects for the expansion of academic exchange, English teaching, international relations training, and other forms of exchange with North Korea; and expansion of nongovernmental organizations' work beyond the food relief context.

We will also discuss the US Korean-American community's more frequent contact and rapidly increasing philanthropic giving to North Korea, both through religious and secular channels. And we will consider ways of including regional economic, political, and other actors in the United States in the continuing dialogue on US-North Korea relations. These may include key community leaders, state economic-development authorities, significant World Affairs Councils, universities, key regional journalists and editorialists, community foundation personal, and other key regional civil leaders.