Working Meeting on DPRK-US Relations

Emerging From Conflict Working Meeting
May 4, 2000
Washington, DC

Cosponsored by The Stanley Foundation
and The Brookings Institution


Welcome To and Introduction of All Participants

Very Brief Introductory Remarks

Jeffrey G. Martin
Brief introduction to the Stanley Foundation's new international relations programming direction

Sherry Gray
Brief introduction to the Stanley Foundation's Emerging From Conflict (EFC) program

Bates Gil
Brief introduction to Brookings' Center for Northeast Asia Policy Studies

Very Brief Updates From Particular Programs

Bruce Lemkin will discuss new developments from KEDO

Donald Gregg will talk about new DPRK initiatives of the Korea Society

Evelyn Puxley will discuss ongoing and planned DPRK-Canadian programs

Han Park will discuss new University of Georgia activities

Chong-Ae Yu will discuss new Carter Center activities

Open Discussion of Recent Events in DPRK-ROK-US Relations and Possible Programming Opportunities