US-Russia Economic Roundtable

41st Strategy for Peace Conference
October 26-28, 2000, Warrenton, Virginia


Michael McFaul, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Elina A. Treyger, Junior Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

W. Horton Beebe-Center, Vice President, Foundation Projects and Development, The Eurasia Foundation

Timothy M. Frye, Assistant Professor of Political Science, The Ohio State University

Susan Glasser, Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post

Barry William Ickes, Professor of Economics, Pennsylvania State University

Juliet E. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Loyola University Chicago

David Kramer, Executive Director, US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Mark Kramer, Director, Harvard Project on Cold War Studies, and Senior Associate, Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University

James Leitzel, Senior Lecturer, Social Sciences Collegiate Division, University of Chicago

Z. Blake Marshall, Executive Vice President, US-Russia Business Council

Pamela Quanrud, Senior Economist for Russian Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs, US Department of State

Peter Rutland, Professor of Government, Wesleyan University

Paul J. Saunders, Director, The Nixon Center

Ben Slay, Senior Economist, PlanEcon, Inc.

Steven L. Solnick, Associate Professor of Political Science, Columbia University

Irene D. Stevenson, Field Representative in Russia, The American Center for International Labor Solidarity

Randall W. Stone, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Rochester

Astrid S. Tuminez, Associate Director of Research, Alternative Investments Group, AIG Global Investment Corporation

Andrew Weiss, Director, Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Affairs, National Security Council

Brian Finlay, Program Officer, Foreign Policy Program, The Century Foundation

Stanley Foundation Staff
Lonnie Buchanan, Program Assistant
Sherry Gray, Program Officer
James Henderson, Program Officer
Michael Kraig, Program Officer
Jeffrey G. Martin, Vice President and Director of Programs
Kristin McHugh, Producer, Common Ground
Susan R. Moore, Conference Management Associate
Hélène Papper, Associate Producer, Common Ground
Richard H. Stanley, President