US-Russia Security Roundtable

41st Strategy for Peace Conference
October 26-28, 2000, Warrenton, Virginia


Thursday, October 26

Evening Session: Where are we now?

  • Achievements in US-Russian security relations in the 1990s.
  • The avoidable and unavoidable mistakes.
  • Major ongoing work that should be the focus of our attention.
  • Unfinished business in security issues.

Friday, October 27

Morning Session: What is Russia foreign and security policy under Putin?

  • What are Russian interests?
  • How does this government define threats and opportunities?
  • What are the main issues that will occupy Russian attention?
  • Who plays a role in establishing policy and in implementing it?

Afternoon Session:

  • What are Russia's policies in the following regions and to what extent are they problematic or helpful to American concerns: Far East and China, South Asia and India, Central Asia, Caspian, Caucasus (including Turkey), Southeast Europe (particularly Serbia, Ukraine, and Moldova), Central Europe (Belarus, the Baltics, and Poland), Western Europe, and the Middle East (including Iran, Iraq, and the eastern Mediterranean)?
  • In substantive focus, what are the prospects for arms control: what should be the focus of relations and how likely is arms control to be a productive focus?
  • Is US-Russian security cooperation in denuclearization and nonproliferation likely to continue, improve, or decline?
  • Can more ambitious goals for cooperation to reform and enhance additional aspects of Russia's internal security infrastructure (weapons, infrastructure, and personnel) be realized during this period of cooling relations?
  • And is there a promising path to real cooperation for preventing, managing, and resolving international and internal conflicts, inside or outside of existing or reformed international institutions?

Saturday, October 28

Saturday morning joint session with Russia economics group:

  • Are there any common themes in what the groups have discussed?
  • What are the main areas of positive and negative linkage between economic and security issues in US relations with Russia?