US-Russia Security Roundtable

41st Strategy for Peace Conference
October 26-28, 2000, Warrenton, Virginia


Celeste A. Wallander, Senior Fellow for Europe, Council on Foreign Relations

Jacqueline McLaren-Miller, Graduate Teaching Fellow, Department ofPolitical Science, The George Washington University

Participant List
Peter Baker, Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post

Deborah Yarsike Ball, Russian Military Analyst, Proliferation Prevention and Arms Control Program, Nonproliferation, Arms Control, and International Security Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Richard C. Choppa, Regional Affairs Officer for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Defense

Stuart Goldman, Specialist in Russian Affairs, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress

Sherri Wasserman Goodman, Deputy Under Secretary for Environmental Security, US Department of Defense

John R. Harvey, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Forces and Missile Defense Policy, US Department of Defense

Fiona Hill, Director, Strategic Planning, The Eurasia Foundation

Jeffrey S. Holachek, Foreign Area Officer for Operations and Plans, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, US Department of the Army

Stuart J. Kaufman, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Kentucky

Sarah Lennon, Senior Policy Advisor on Russia and the Newly Independent States, Office of Nonproliferation and National Security, US Department of Energy

Sarah E. Mendelson, Assistant Professor of International Politics, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University

James Clay Moltz, Director, NIS Nonproliferation Project, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Katherine Mooney, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

Cynthia A. Roberts, Associate Professor of Political Science, Hunter College of the City University of New York

Thomas D. Sherlock, Associate Professor of Political Science, US Military Academy

Ken Stolworthy, Chief, Eurasia Branch, Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Brian D. Finlay, Program Officer, Foreign Policy Program, The Century Foundation

Stanley Foundation Staff
Lonnie Buchanan, Program Assistant
Sherry Gray, Program Officer
James Henderson, Program Officer
Michael Kraig, Program Officer
Jeffrey G. Martin, Vice President and Director of Programs
Kristin McHugh, Producer, Common Ground
Susan R. Moore, Conference Management Associate
Hélène Papper, Associate Producer, Common Ground
Richard H. Stanley, President