3 fundamental reasons to adopt LinkedIn

Nowadays, finding a job or promoting your skills can be very difficult. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet and especially to LinkdIn, there is no need to worry anymore. However, many people don't know this and get discouraged. Let's discover together some valid reasons to use and prefer and adopt LinkdIn platform. 

LinkedIn to build a complete professional showcase 

LinkedIn is not just a resume. The social network allows you to present yourself in a complete way thanks to a profile with multiple sections and features. Go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphco/?originalSubdomain=il for more information. 

In the summary section, you will present your expertise in an attractive way and in experiences and training, fill in everything you have already done during your professional career in order to show recruiters that you are active and that you have value to bring them. 

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be neat and your LinkedIn banner carefully chosen and related to your activity. Your LinkedIn profile is referenced on Google, using the right keywords is essential for optimal visibility. 

LinkedIn for optimal visibility and e-reputation 

Nowadays, everything is done through the Internet, unlike in the past when word of mouth was the main principle. However, since your profile is referenced on Google, you have even more chances to be visible. 

All you have to do is enter your name in the search bar and you will automatically be seen. This is to give you notoriety and credibility. 

LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise 

Finally, you know that in this day and age, it is not enough to have your profile or to be active to be successful and known. It is also very important to demonstrate that you are the best in your field. 

To do this, nothing could be easier with LinkdIn, you just have to post an article that describes your skills as well as your works LinkdIn is your best option to promote your talents and fortify your CV.