A Little Background on Some Types of Dinosaurs

Animals did exist before humans and the material evidence keeps confirming this fact (archeological digs). Did you know at least some of the names of these animals? Anyway, in this article, you will have clear and detailed information. You will have a list of the animals most encountered during the excavations. 


Known to be a very calm and peaceful species, read full article of this gh, it spends its time looking for tall grass in the trees of several tens of meters high. Its imposing size of 30 meters made this dinosaur a species apart. It had no natural predator because it was so imposing. Before killing one, the predators really have to work together. 

Even then, killing it is not an easy task. It is also an animal that must eat a lot of food to stay in shape and alive. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex 

Considered during lagoons and rightly so, as the most massive and best aired predator that ever walked the face of the earth. The animal was at the top of the food chain and the ecosystem. It was called the king lizard tyrant. 

No predator rivaled it, because it was well equipped. It moves with its two legs like the present-day poultry, its special teeth allow it to cut its prey automatically. The animal is so intelligent, cunning and strong that its success rate in hunting was very high. In addition, its teeth grow back automatically throughout its life. 

The Velociraptors 

An iconic dinosaur known for its speed, this specimen was a bit like the hyenas. It is true that he could hunt, but he always found a way to get some of another animal. They are very fast and it is difficult to reach them, let alone outrun them. The dinosaurs that lived in the past were either predators or prey. Their disappearance was unexpected, but it contributed to the diversification of species.