All about erowz

Erowz is a Walloon start-up that has developed a web portal that is dedicated to the sale of products. Erowz is composed of a search engine, with a specialization of classifieds in sectors such as the sale of products and real estate. It is not exactly a classifieds site, as it does not directly collect classifieds.

What does erowz do?

Individuals put a lot of product offers, online house and cars every day. You can press to view the available offers. Erowz makes sure that these offers that come from all over the world are gathered on the website. It brings together over 300 million offers from 120 different ad sites in over 20 countries.

New features

An efficient classification

From now on, the ads on each site are classified, i.e. each ad is linked to a specific internal category. Each of erowz' partners (eBay, LeBonCoin, Amazon, rakuten...) has its own classification system. The new artificial intelligence system avoids inconsistencies that are detrimental to comfort. Indeed, the system offers to the user the possibility to navigate through the different categories and to choose the product the most adapted to his request, through the classification system.

An ultra-practical email alert system

Erowz continues to improve the email alerts, which aim to warn the user when an advert concerning the object he is looking for is put online. This 100% free and practical feature has been very popular with users.

An optimized look & feel

After 5 years of an unchanging graphical interface, the company decided to update the design. The main concern was not to disturb the users and to offer them a result that would not change their bearings and habits. The erowz team therefore redoubled its ingenuity in the graphic redesign of the platform, in order to add practicality and aesthetics. The company has grown over the last 2 years because of the features it has brought.