FRANCE's Restrictions for Easter 2021

In order to ensure the well-being of the French population, President Emmanuel Macron is proclaiming new restrictions. From travel restrictions to school closures, these restrictions affect almost every sector. These new norms come into force on the occasion of Easter 2021.

The New Restrictions

In order to set up a defence barrier against the third wave of the pandemic in France, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, is implementing new reforms. Thus, on 31 March, he announced the closure of all schools, wherever they may be, and the extension of confinement throughout the French Territory. Nurseries were not spared either. Almost all public institutions will be closed until further notice. However, teleworking will be encouraged by the government and the distribution of vaccines will follow a well-established strategy. Faced with these restrictions, one wonders how it would be possible to celebrate Passover; one of the greatest feasts of the Christian religion. However, some flexibility has been accepted for the occasion.

Permitted Actions on the Occasion of Passover

In strict observance of the rear gestures, religious establishments are allowed to open their doors during the Passover weekend 2021. However, the tradition of egg hunting will be very limited this year. On the other hand, travel should not exceed a distance of 10 kilometres from one's home. French people who wish to return home for the occasion are allowed to make the trip. However, all these tolerances will end just after the Passover festivals. Put another way, the previous restrictions will still come into force on 6 April 2021.

To allow Christians to enjoy their beloved Passover holiday, President Emmanuel Macron is tolerating certain activities. But all these stops just after the festivities. The restrictions necessary to protect the French population will resume. Whether it is a misfortune for some, opportunity for others or protection of the integrity of the French people, these restrictions should not be taken lightly.