Gay video games to keep you busy

Gay games are simulation games based more on decisions and storytelling than graphics. No real animation prowess that the major studios have accustomed us to. Instead, you end up with simple designs, very few cutscenes, and choice-based gameplay. In other words, the player is confronted with multiple options which will influence the progress of the game. Then discover the best gay games here. 

Coming Out on Top 

As its evocative name suggests, this dating sim puts you in the shoes of Mark Matthews, an ordinary academic who is about to come out. More gay games at In Coming Out on Top, supported by your roommates and wacky friends, you will have to explore the new field of possibilities available to you. 

Each decision will have an impact on the course of the game, so it is better to rack your brains before flirting with your seductive teacher in the middle of the amphitheater. You will have understood it, here, we are in pure and hard flirt. With six different paths to follow and almost triple the number of guys to charm, Coming Out on Top will capture your attention with its finely written dialogue. You should keep in mind that the game contains several eminently graphic hot scenes, enough to maintain your libido. 

Super Health Club 

Always wanted to be the manager of a gym ? This is the basic premise of Super Health Club, at the crossroads between a management game and a dating sim. Just promoted to manager of a sports club, you learn that the company is in the red, crumbling under debt. Your mission is to save the box, while ensuring that the team, mainly made up of coaches with very strong biceps, is in harmony. 

But it is not excluded that you can go inside your new colleagues, of course. In this game oozing testosterone, the objectives are multiple since it is necessary to make judicious choices concerning the gym, while making sure to charm the suitor of our choice. Surprisingly, the two aspects go hand in hand, and the characters have distinct enough characters that you won't get bored.