How much does a handpan cost?

Today you can buy a handpan without waiting too long, either directly from the manufacturer, in a specialist music shop or via an online retailer. However, the quality and price of handpans vary depending on the manufacturer.


The cost of a handpan

In general, the price of this instrument is between €800 and €3,000. This price keeps changing throughout the year due to the supply and demand ratio in the market. Also, the big difference in handpan prices is related to the manufacturing method, the quality and the materials used to customise it. But among the different types of this instrument that exist, the handpan 9 has a low cost and corresponds to the beginner. The 10 or 17 handpan is relatively expensive and is very often used by experts or professionals. On the other hand, you can get the handpan on second hand prices (around 400 €). These used handpans are frequently bought on eBay and . However, it is advisable to pay special attention to this type of purchase. Indeed, since these handpans are not original or new, they can fail.


Buying a handpan directly from the manufacturer 

If you want to buy your instrument from the manufacturer, you have the option of getting advice directly from experts. You can get more information from the instrument manufacturer than you would from a music shop or online retailer. Before buying an instrument from a manufacturer, you should find out about its history and disabilities. Nowadays, handpans are also offered by market leaders in the Internet trade. You can usually find products at lower prices from leading online retailers than you would in a physical shop. This is not the case with the handpan (at least so far). Beware of instruments offered at less than €1300 or at prices that are too low.