Motor yachts by type of hull or displacement

The idea of ​​buying a yacht has surely crossed your mind. You are ready for the purchase, but still doubt in your choice ? You can find yacht ideas on the internet that might suit you. This is valid for a new construction as for a second-hand ship. To make it easier for you, read the yacht categories here.

Planing hull type yachts

Designed to get up and cruise over the water, ideally running at a speed that allows them to move through the tops of the waves. Every Transport generally differs in the sensations felt. Take into account the desired sensations in your choice. Planing hull type yachts generally perform well at speeds between 30 and 45 knots. 

It all depends on the nature of the engines. They often have two motors. At slow speeds, they quickly become uncomfortable, especially in choppy waters that require all boats to travel slowly. With these boats, you go fast, very fast. They can allow you to move from one marina to another for your evenings. They are also suitable for daytime sea trips to find bays with calm waters and anchor off a sheltered beach.

Displacement yachts

They move smoothly on the water at fairly low speeds. They are the most stable and comfortable boats in moderate to rough seas. But, they often cruise at speeds between 15 to 20 knots with fairly high water suction. Since they usually have inboard motors, with a long protruding outboard propeller shaft, they are not boats that you can easily anchor near beaches. 

They are most often traditionally designed, but very fuel efficient. Typically, a single tank of fuel gets you a long way. Built to spend the night and even to live in, these boats are ideal for those who want to travel long distances and do not count the time it takes to get there.