Some tips for installing a bathroom mirror

The bathroom is a room that requires maintenance, but in order to take full advantage of its assets, it urges to install a mirror. The installation of the latter is done through several methods that require compliance with certain rules. What are the rules and strategies to use to properly install your mirror? Learn how to fix your mirror in your bathroom without resorting to an expert through this article.

Fix your mirror with a mastic or silicone type product

There are several ways to fix your mirror. For more details, click resources. If your mirror does not have a frame around it, use silicone glue or putty to attach it to the wall. This glue is specially designed for mounting heavy loads on the wall. Don't forget to clean and degrease said wall, as well as the back of the mirror before you go ahead. Also, look for a good place to place your mirror without cluttering your room. Take the dimensions of the mirror and transfer them to the chosen location with a pencil. Once you have finalized the location, you can apply the silicone cartridge or glue to the back of the mirror with a putty gun. Apply the glued mirror to the wall and hold it for a good while to set.

Stick your mirror to the wall with an adhesive

Apart from glue putty, you can also use double-sided adhesive tape, which is very practical for attaching a mirror without drilling into a wall. However, this method is only suitable for small mirrors, as it can cause them to tear off. Once you have identified the location where you want to place your mirror, remove the protective tabs. Then, stick several adhesive strips on the back of the mirror to ensure that it stays in place over time, while transferring the dimensions of the mirror to the wall beforehand. Then hold the mirror against the wall for at least three minutes. On the other hand, you can use the two-point wall hooks or self-adhesive wall hooks if your mirror has them. Finally, remember to stick the hooks in horizontal alignment.