The benefits and drawbacks of living in the countryside

Most people live in the city because they don't know or are downright afraid of the realities of country life. However, with a little strategy and knowledge, it is possible to spend happy days in the countryside.

The Benefits of Living in the Countryside

Living in the countryside actually has considerable advantages. First of all, the countryside offers fresh air every day because of the small number of people living there. The air is less polluted and much more pleasant to breathe. In addition, there is almost permanent peace and quiet. The countryside offers a pure and healthy living space for children to grow up in. The sunset is quite pleasant to watch and the green landscape is a treat for the eyes. On the other hand, buying a house in the countryside is easy because of the low price of concessions. This means that taxes are also cheaper than in the city. The countryside also offers a lot of space for children to play and everyone can have as much space as they want.

The Evils of the Countryside

Some of the countryside can be dangerous, and people living there are often attacked by wild animals. It can be an economical way of life for people who were born there. However, city dwellers who move to the countryside will be faced with expenses that may be far above their income. Since they will have to go shopping after a long trip to the city, spending a huge amount of fuel; drive their children to their school after an interminable journey and pick them up following the same process. In the long run, this becomes exhausting and the accumulation of fatigue becomes almost unbearable.  Moreover, the entertainment in the cities, such as playing video games with friends, going to the cinema or the theatre, gives way to total boredom.

Before moving to the countryside, it is therefore essential to take into account your pocket, your hobbies and your ability to adapt to the unknown. This is very important, especially as not everyone is suited to life in the countryside, nor is anyone denied it.