The different types of Japanese kimonos

At the end of your stay in Japan, you would like to leave with a nice souvenir, one that will reflect the Japanese way of life, and you don't know what to choose. No more worries, just choose Japanese kimonos, real authentic clothes of Japanese origin. So, what are the different types of Japanese kimonos? Reading this article will inform you.

The Japanese kimono Onsen

A kimono is nothing but a traditional, elegant and authentic garment of Japanese origin, worn almost everywhere in the world. Thus, the japanese kimono can be worn by any human being without distinction of sex; age; race, etc. hence its diversity. We distinguish, indeed, Onsen which is a type of informal Japanese kimono, made of cotton and comfortable and very easy to maintain and clean. This type of Japanese kimono is most often used as a bathrobe in hot springs; public baths and in places of relaxation. This means that it is exposed to water at all times and therefore cannot be worn in public outside the home. Nevertheless, it can be used as a popular gift to be given to anyone who wants to have a beautiful quality kimono dress.

The Japanese Yukata Kimono

Yukata is distinguished which is also an informal Japanese kimono widely used in Japan. It is best to wear during the hottest times of the year or during hot Japanese events like: anime conventions and Japanese street festivals. This type of Japanese kimono is usually made without lining from printed cotton fabric and is perfect for beginners who are new to wearing kimono. It can also be worn in the street. Finally, we distinguish the Japanese Komon kimono which is an excellent kimono to wear in the city in a casual setting and has a fairly general pattern. It is made of several fabrics such as: wool, silk, etc., and can be with or without lining.