The pink flower: what do you need to know about it?

Generally, most people think of the Rose's greatest use as its extremely sweet fragrance. However, beyond this fragrance, the rose also has health, cosmetics and aesthetic benefits. Find out more about the many uses of the pink flower.

 Health Benefits

In medicine, the pink flower has provided a number of remedies for various ailments. Indeed, the petals of the leaves are very useful. Thanks to the concentration of fatty acids and retinol in its petals, the rose prevents and slows down premature ageing. A marvel for looking younger. The rose also contains antibacterial properties. It extracts even increase healing and skin damage. Its astringent properties are not to be underestimated either. In addition, the rose helps to fight acne. In addition, it soothes redness of the skin, much to the delight of women.

Cosmetics and Aesthetic Virtues

The usefulness of the rose is not limited to its fragrance as shown above. Apart from its health virtues, it brings up a very important plus to cosmetics and aesthetics. The water of the queen of flowers gives the hair a great lightness, an increase in its volume and a good dose of tone. It also gives the hair back its shine. In addition, rose water combined with its extracts nourishes and softens the skin. Health and cosmetic virtue. At the same time, experts use rose wax to protect their skin by moisturising it. There are also serums that are extremely rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants for softer, more hydrated, smoother and firmer skin.

In addition, other virtues of the pink flower are: toning of mature skin, moisturising of dry skin and, above all, regulation of skin sebum, which increases the production of fat.

The queen of flowers, the rose is a unique flower that everyone should have at home, despite all its virtues.