What are the virtues of the white tea tree?

White Dead Nettle is useful for cosmetics and nutritional purposes as well as for the well-being and health of third parties. Also known as white nettle, the young white tea tree is very useful in spring. In spite of its wild character, it can be extremely beneficial if you know how to use it.

Gourmet Tip

In the spring, young white ragweed is edible. It is not a question of eating the flower, but rather the fruit. The fruit is picked, taking care not to select those already infected by insects or birds. The fruit can then be eaten as a small nut. It can also be used to make a classic soup, or a soup consisting mainly of white nettle for the stars of white nettle.

Cosmetic Uses

In cosmetics, it can be used as an astringent lotion. The method is simple. Simply boil a quantity of about 60 to 80 grams of white nettle after a good rinse for about 10 minutes. This preparation makes it possible to obtain a broth which will be then well filtered to give the astringent solution. This is extremely useful for combating acne and epidermal fat. But that's not all. White tea lotion can also be effective against hair grease. However, the lotion can only be stored for a week, especially in conditions that can only be found in a refrigerator.

Health Significance

The importance of white nettle can be seen in the tax-free shop. An infusion of white nettle is a powerful remedy against sexual infections, especially in women, toxins and uric acid. Note that it can also combat constipation, liver disease and excessive discharge during menstruation in women.  In addition, white manure is a powerful anti-toxic for the human body.

Despite its wild appearance, the white tea is an extremely useful flowering plant for humans. It is therefore imperative to take a little more care of this wonder of the plant world.