What is anti-DDoS for?

If you have a business, it is important to know what anti-DDoS is and why it is an indispensable solution.  In recent times, hacker attacks have been increasing around the world. You will know how to protect your company from a DDoS attack in this production.


The consequences of a DDoS attack?


DDoS attacks are not intended to expose or steal user data.  However, by making a system unavailable, it exposes your business to several negative consequences, which can resonate over the long term. To protect your business, visit https://koddos.net/.  In the aforementioned example of the virtual store, for example, in addition to the loss of revenue at the time of the attack, there is a decrease in the average ticket over time. 

This is because your customer has had a negative experience.  He loses confidence in the brand, feels insecure and also dissatisfied that he cannot make the purchase.  The tendency is for him to stop doing business with your brand. Because of the event, he becomes yet another detractor of his store, making negative advertisements for those who could become a consumer.


Solution for protecting a business


There is no way to protect a business if you do not invest in information protection.  It is very important to diagnose your business and create an action plan that will strengthen that front.  It's not just one solution that will solve it, but a set of best practices that together create a fortress for your company's operations to run at high performance. 

This is something you need to think about both for financial reasons, the impact at the time the attack occurs, and for compliance with the General Data Protection Act, GDPR.  Previously, you said that DDoS attacks are not intended to steal information, however, if your company is exposed to this type of action, for sure, the risk of invasion and privacy breach also exists.